Physical Development Plan Consultation Begins October 24

WHAT is the Physical Development Plan 2012-2022?

The Government have prepared an updated National Physical Development Plan (PDP) for the north of Montserrat to cover the period 2012 to 2022.  The PDP is a land-use plan that provides a framework to help deliver the goals of the Sustainable Development Plan, addressing issues such as pressure on land, limited resources and infrastructure development. In one way or another everyone on the island will be affected by the content of this plan – it sets out what development needs to happen and where it should go.

It is supported by a standalone ‘Infrastructure Plan 2012-2022’

WHY is the PDP important?

Although the volcano cannot yet be considered to have returned to dormancy, Montserratians have completed the recovery from the devastation of the past fifteen years.

The PDP seeks a balance between promoting residential and commercial growth in Montserrat while making sure that environmental resources are protected and the risks of disaster, such as hurricanes, are minimised. It will look to manage different pressures on land, resources and infrastructure while ensuring that everyone in Montserrat has access to adequate housing, services, community facilities, recreational facilities and the like.

The PDP will also help to preserve Montserrat’s important ecology and natural resources and beautiful vistas as well as its built heritage. These are important not just for maintaining a high quality of life for the island’s residents, but are central to defining Montserrat as a place that will attract visitors and returning Montserratians.

In summary, the PDP aims to ensure that:

social infrastructure is adequately provided;
the environment and cultural heritage are appropriately conserved;
infrastructure needs for current residents and businesses, and for likely population growth and commercial development is well planned;
conflicts between land use are minimised;
Montserrat develops adequate and sufficient housing stock
buildings are compliant to relevant development standards

HOW will the PDP affect me?

Everyone on Montserrat is affected by planning decisions for houses, agriculture, commercial space, and other developments. These decisions also affect the allocation of land for social infrastructure such as recreation, the location of infrastructure and all other issues related to land use.

Much of the land planning policy in the PDP is enforced through the planning and development process. The planning applications are approved or rejected based partly on their compliance with the PDP.

Local Area Plans (LAPs) have also been updated for the main residential areas including:

  • Barzey’s
  • Cudjoe Head and Brades, (including Manjack, Baker Hill, Nixons, Banks and Shinnlands)
  • Drummonds and Geralds
  • Little Bay, Carr’s Bay, Rendezvous Bay and Davy Hill
  • Lookout
  • Salem (including Frith, Flemmings, Happy Hill etc)
  • St John’s (including Dick Hill and Mongo Hill)
  • St Peters (including Providence and Virgin Islands)


HOW can I get involved during the consultation process?

During the public consultation period, from 24th October to 22nd December 2011, everyone in Montserrat and its diaspora abroad are able to review the draft PDP and make representations to the Planning and Development Authority. These may be comments or concerns about aspects of the draft PDP.

You can easily send an email, post a comment on the PDP website or even drop by the Physical Planning Unit or the Library and use the PDP feedback ‘dropboxes’.  All representations will be treated in confidence and may be made anonymously if you wish.

All representations will be evaluated by the PDA in early January 2012. The PDA will decide on which amendments are to be incorporated into the updated PDP 2012-2022.


WHERE can I find out more?

Everyone is invited to visit the Exhibition Launch for the Draft PDP on Monday morning 24th October. This will be at the Brades Arts and Education Centre opposite the Red Cross. There will be an opening address from Minister Farrell (MAHLE) at 9:30 am, after which everyone is invited to have view the display boards and to speak with members of the PDP team. Key guests will include HE the Governor, the Hon. Premier Ruben Meade, government ministers and permanent secretaries. Feel free to drop in anytime between 9:00am and 12:00pm.

A website has been set up to be a focal point for the review and to receive feedback on the draft PDP.

Please visit the website to read through the PDP summary, understand the process undertaken in updating the PDP, and to look in detail at the policy and relevant Local Area Plans (especially those that impact on your community). The draft PDP is also available to download and there is a page on the website dedicated to feedback. The website also provides relevant links and a calendar for the public consultation events between 24th October and 22nd December.

During the 60-day consultation period focus groups will be arranged to assist in the understanding of issues relating to each of the Local Area Plans and for special interest groups.

Please see the PDP website and listen out to Radio ZJB for further updates.



Visit the PDP website:

See a hard copy of the document and leave a comment in the drop box at:

  • The Library in Brades
  • The PPU office

Or email us: