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This section contains the updated plans for the Physical Development Plan for the north of Montserrat for the period up to 2022. It also includes some important new land use zonation, planning guidelines and development standards.

SUMMARY of the Draft PDP 2012-2022 available here..

 SUMMARY of the Draft PDP 2012-2022


Download Entire PDP Here..

Final Consultation PDP_p1 to 58

Final Consultation PDP_p59 to 128

Final Consultation PDP_p129 to 161

Final Consultation PDP_p162 to 246

You can go directly to the section you are interested in by clicking on the links to your left, or you can download sections of the PDP below which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Executive Summary Introduction  |  Table of Contents

Existing Conditions | Planning ParametersLand Use Requirements

Land Available for Development

Physical Development Strategy  | National Policy

Local Area Plans

Local Area Plans Intro – 7.1-2

Barzeys Local Area Plan | Cudjoe Head & Brades Local Area Plan

Davy Hill, Little Bay, Carrs Bay Local Area Plan

Geralds Drummonds Local Area Plan |

Lookout Local Area Plan  |  Salem Local Area Plan

St Johns Local Area Plan  | St Peters Local Area Plan


Appendix A –Development Standards Appendix B  |  Appendix C – Planning Assumptions

Appendix D – Population Projections Appendix E – Consultation Process  |  Appendix F – List of Consultees

Appendix G 1-21  |  Appendix H – Tourism Attractions  |  Appendix I


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  1. GEM of TKI
    GEM of TKI 25/11/2011 at 2:24 pm |

    Please put a prominent option to download the complete document as one PDF, thanks.

  2. Andreas
    Andreas 28/11/2011 at 2:09 pm |

    I’m afraid that due to size limits of 5MB on the GOM server the document has to be broken down into 4 parts for download, as above. If you have PDF Exchange, Adobe Acrobat or similar software you can then merge the 4 parts together again.
    In the meantime I’m sending you a full version (16MB)

    Sorry for the inconvenience


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