Land Use Requirements

Download the Land Use Requirements here.

4.1     Introduction

As a significant part of the PDP update process the definite and likely requirements for land use during the plan period have been estimated. These are land requirements additional to existing land use. Requirements are based on the following sources:

  • The policy direction provided by the SDP 2008-2020 and other relevant GOM policy documents. A full reference list can be found in Appendix I.
  • The projections for economic growth as outlined in Section 3.
  • Detailed stakeholder consultation, which has informed the projections for economic growth as well as the list of requirements for specific land use and infrastructure developments.

Consultation was held with representatives from all relevant government departments, special interest groups and non-government organisations. Focus groups were held to discuss a number of issues including but not limited to:

  • Agricultural concerns and future requirements
  • Opportunities and constraints to commercial development
  • Youth concerns

Community meetings have also been held for all the main settlement areas to allow residents to voice their concern about issues on land use and infrastructure and to make suggestions for improvements and future development. Concerns and suggestions were incorporated into the PDP as far as possible and have been considered more fully in Section 7 – Local Area Plans. A full explanation and record of the consultation process and a list of consultees are available in Appendices E and F.

The resulting estimation of additional land use requirements shows that in order to support a population of 10,000 while providing appropriate facilities, a total land area of approximately 600 acres to 900 acres is required in addition to existing developed and agricultural land.

This total excludes land needed for main roads and other infrastructure requirements such as electricity sub-stations, pumping stations, water tanks and reservoirs and sewage treatment plant.

4.2     Summary of Significant Land Use Requirements

Table 4.1 summarises the significant land use requirements, additional to those already existing, anticipated during the plan period 2012-2022.

Table 4.1      Summary of significant land use requirements for 2012 – 2022

Land use


Details Min. Area Required (acres) Max. Area Required (acres)
Residential housing 280 350
High density

(10-15 units /acre)


Estimating that 40% of new housing stock will be high density 70 80
Medium density

(5-10 units /acre)


Estimating that 50% of new housing stock will be medium density 140 180
Low density

(2-4 units /acre)


Estimating that 10% of new housing stock will be low density 70 90
Social Housing


69 units needed to replace existing wooded family units

24 units needed for single persons (homeless or in Brades shelters)

Ongoing demand led requirement for units

Included in residential housing figures above
Government facilities 6 15
Proposed and future government office buildings Including proposed MAHLE HQ, PWD HQ, Social Security building and Financial Services Commission 6 15
Commercial 12 32
Private offices 5 15
Private offices focused on ITC enterprise 2 4
General retail 4 8
Specialist retail 1 5
Education Facilities 8 15
Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) expanded site or potential new site 8 15
Health Facilities 2 5.5
Clinic at Lookout with nurse accommodation 0.2 0.5
Clinic at Little Bay with nurse accommodation To be developed as part of Little Bay developments 0.2 0.5
Fire and Ambulance station at Little Bay To be developed as part of Little Bay developments 0.25 0.5
Residential care home for the elderly 1 4
Community Facilities 7 40
Public Park SDP objective 3 10
St John’s Community Centre Committed project –

BNTF funded

0.25 1
Davy Hill Community Centre Committed project –

Location to be defined

BNTF funded

0.25 1
Drummonds / Geralds Community Centre Location identified 0.25 1
St Peter’s Community centre Location to be defined 0.25 1
Fisheries complex 1 2
Emergency shelters DMCA to define needs 2 4
Sports Facilities 83.5 105.5
Davy Hill multi-purpose courts 0.25 0.25
St Peter’s multi-purpose recreation area 2 3
Geralds recreation area 0.2 0.3
Lookout recreation area 1 2
Golf Course SDP objective 80 100
Religious 6 8
Public Cemetery Land committed at Lookout

Second Public Cemetery needed after 2018





Interdenominational Church / Cathedral 0.5 1
Infrastructure 157 222.5
Geothermal powerhouse


Likely construction 2012-2015 1 5
Waste water plant


Several units 0.5 1
Airport parking


0.5 1.5
Future Airport site Safeguarding land for potential future development beyond this plan period 150 200
Wind energy sites Required if geothermal fails 5 15
Tourism Development 7 16.6


Flagship hotel as part of Little Bay development 3 5
Additional Eco-Lodge(es)


Fringes of Centre Hills forest 2 8
Tourist information services Part of Little Bay development 0.25 0.5
Little Bay Taxi / Mini-bus rank 0.4 1
Expanded port area 1 1.5
Sea rescue / coastguard 0.2 0.3
Yachting club Potentially at Carr’s Bay 0.2 0.3
Agriculture 20 80
Additional plots for Department of Agriculture to sub-lease 20 acres needed for immediate needs (2011) 20 80
Industry 18 48
Sand mining


Subject to GOM decision on land use in Belham valley 6 20
Water bottling Planning permission granted for land parcel in Salem 4 8
General industrial land use zoned areas to accommodate future industry  and storage

  • Agro-processing plant – (Cashew nuts, fruit products and preserves, bay leaves, etc.)
  • Value-added sand based products.
To rear of Little Bay port, Brades, Providence, Salem etc 8 20
Other 0.5 1


Design underway (MAHLE) Location in Shinnlands 0.5 1

TOTAL Land Requirements





607 acres


905 acres

Download the Land Use Requirements here.


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