IMC Worldwide

IMC Worldwide is an international development consultancy that specialises in all aspects of infrastructure. This includes: physical infrastructure, such as transport; institutional, such as management systems; social, such as livelihoods and community welfare; and environmental, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, and disaster risk reduction.

For over forty years we have been engaged by national governments, international organisations and private sector corporations and have worked in more than fifty countries around the world.


John Cox – Team Leader

John is an infrastructure management specialist with particular experience of small island states. He has in-depth knowledge of the challenges and aspirations of Montserrat and its people, having been involved in all types of infrastructure on the Island and in Government’s policies and socio-economic development plans, including a period spent as the DFID Infrastructure Advisor. John has been associated with the Caribbean region since 1990 and has worked at senior level on many islands in the region.

Andreas Beavor – Urban and regional planning consultant 

Andreas is responsible for the land use planning elements of the project as well as project coordination. Much of his work in Montserrat has involved stakeholder consultation, GIS mapping as a planning tool and development of land use zoning and supporting policy. Andreas has worked with IMC since 2010, before which he was a planning consultant at Ramboll. He has experience in a range of sustainable urban development and regional planning projects both in the UK and abroad. He is interested in the sustainable management of land and resources and in maximising opportunities for local socio-economic growth while minimising its impact on the environment.

James Whittle – Environmental and Social Specialist

James is responsible for mainstreaming environmental and social aspects into the PDP process. This has included the undertaking of a Strategic Environmental Assessment which has informed each stage of the plan development. James is an Environmental and Social Development specialist with over 10 years of similar UK and international experience, including work on other small island states in the Caribbean and Atlantic. James has worked with IMC since 2005.

Vidya Naidu – Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

As the team’s communication specialist, Vidya is responsible for designing and mainstreaming a plan for public awareness and communication with all stakeholders into the PDP process.  This includes ensuring that all information about the PDP is made available to residents, interested parties and wider diaspora groups, and that they are able to participate fully in developing the final document. Vidya has been working as a Development Specialist at IMC Worldwide since 2008.

Ripin Kalra – Disaster Risk Consultant

Ripin has a professional background in tropical architecture, master-planning and financial management. He leads IMC Worldwide’s work on low Carbon built-environment and disaster risk reduction and is a Senior Fellow at the University of Westminster. For the Montserrat PDP 2012-2022 he has reviewed and made recommendations on the development standards on energy and water consumption in buildings.


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